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Mt Kilimanjaro Trek - Lemosho Route



  • 26 Jul
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  • 04 Aug 2018
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  • 10 days


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    Take the challenging and less-travelled Lemosho route, considered by many to be the most beautiful path up the western breach of the mountain, to the Shira Plateau. This adventure starts off with a few long days as you gain altitude, and has several days built in to help you acclimatize, improving your chances of making the summit. Enjoy the climb through magnificent forests and moorland, and emerge into high-alpine deserts as you enjoy spectacular views along the way to the summit.

    Day 1


    Arrive at any time.

    Day 2

    Moshi/Mti Mkubwa Camp

    Begin the Lemosho trail of Mt Kilimanjaro ending for the day at the Mti Mkubwa Campsite.

    Day 3

    Mti Mkubwa Camp/Shira 1 Camp

    Climb into the moorland over the Shira ridge and down to the plateau and the Shira 1 Camp.

    Day 4

    Shira 1 Camp/Shira 2 Camp

    Because the hiking time is only about 3 hours today, use the free time to take a number of short acclimatization walks around and above the Shira 2 Camp. This camp is more exposed than the previous night's camp. It may be windier and colder, with temperatures dropping to below freezing.

    Day 5

    Shira 2 Camp/Barranco Camp

    Climb through rocky scree to the Lava Tower. Descend into the Great Barranco Valley to acclimatize and camp.

    Day 6

    Barranco Camp/Karanga Camp

    Tackle the Great Barranco Wall up into the alpine desert of the Karanga Valley.

    Day 7

    Karanga Camp/Barafu Camp

    In preparation for the final ascent the same night, you will familiarize yourself with the terrain before dark, and prepare your equipment and thermal clothing for the summit attempt. Sleep may be difficult, but lie down after dinner to try and rest for the 1295m final ascent.

    Day 8

    Barafu Camp/Mweka Camp

    This stretch is the longest, and the most mentally and physically challenging of the trek. But the feeling of conquering Kilimanjaro will stay with you forever.

    Day 9

    Mweka Camp/Moshi

    Arrive to Moshi in the afternoon. Time to relax, take a shower, and celebrate with a drink. Cheers to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro! Before dinner, you will be welcomed and congratulated on your climb by the mamas of the Moshi Women’s Cooperative, a project supported by G Adventures. They will present you with a gift and a certificate to remember all your efforts on the mountain. Opt to pre-book the Moshi Mamas Massage by adding it to your checkout page, or ask your GCO or travel agent for assistance.

    Day 10


    Depart at any time.