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Natural Croatia

Natural Croatia offers guided or self-guided tours including: hiking, biking and climbing.
Guests experience nature, culture and food as local people do. Tours are in small groups, with great attention to details and personal approach for each individual to have just the activity she or he would want to.
Wish is to find hidden places, small and magic enough to relax and enjoy, in the range from exclusive restaurant on hidden island to just a picnic for you on the meadow in the middle of mountain.‚Äč

Natural Croatia Adventure Travel is a travel agency that provides adventure tours in the natural beauty of Croatian landscape. Made for adventurers that love to explore their limits towards creating adventure and feeling adrenaline in their veins. It was created from love and passion of our founder, Petra when she decided to leave current career in IT project management, and devote herself to making people happy.
Sometimes just hiking to the highest peak, and looking to the sea from up above gets you excited, and sometimes the thrill is in climbing the rocks, sailing with the wind or flying and gliding as a bird! We will take you the backstage of Croatian nature - old, mystic trails, well known to the natives and their sheep, but not so much to others.
We organize one or multi day tours, and whole week packages that include guided or self-guided programs. Activities covered are walking/hiking, biking and rock climbing, all performed outdoor in the nature. Activity levels can be adopted to your wishes and capabilities, alongside with the length of programme.
Easier level adventures or Soft Adventures are programmes tailor made for the people that love nature, but do not need too much adrenaline. High activity level Adrenaline adventures are designed with passionate nature lovers in mind, that need to feel more alive, like to climb a mountain - not trough the trail - but vertically through the rock, the ones that like to sail on heavy sea. In addition, we create Special Adventures - they are custom - designed and accommodated to one's personal needs and wishes. Special Adventures are introducing you into more living in the nature and merging with nature mode.
We are in this because we LOVE IT! And we want you to feel the same.

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