Calle Ecuador #2022

Bolivia and Central Andes

La Paz on Foot, brand of Sendas Altas, a Tour operator in La Paz - Bolivia, was inspired by the complex natural and cultural history of the diverse cultures and ecosystems that characterize the Central Andes region. 

From the dry Pacific coast to the highland valleys and peaks, north toward Cusco and south into Patagonia and east into the vast wetlands and forests of the Amazon and Rio de la Plata watersheds, to this day the human and ecological communities found here are tightly connected.

We have applied these ancient connections to our company’s design and every day we work with clients, communities, guides, restaurants, hotels, drivers and other links in the chains of an emergent network of responsible adventure travel operators in the region. Our efforts to share the fantastically diverse ecoregions of the Central Andes with our clients in a sustainable way is contributes to the resilience of this part of the world, one that is rich in natural and cultural patrimony and, in many ways, extremely vulnerable to global challenges such as climate change and urbanization.

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