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  • 06 Oct
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  • 09 Oct 2020
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  • 4 days


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    This is a KTB Signature Experience tour recognized by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) in 2020 as offering a unique, exceptional, and authentic travel experience

    Together We Can is a rare opportunity to discover 4 Kenyan communities and landscapes that range from Masai villages to rural farms and cityscapes • This experience enables travelers to meet grass root communities and to experience ways of life for different segments of the population from Masai villagers, to young mothers, grandmothers and youth

    Day 1

    Help at a Soup Kitchen in Nairobi

    Travelers experience life in a local community where the challenge is to eat a regular meal a day. And for the children in the centre, One Horizon provides the only regular daily meal that the children receive. And this is funded by the contribution that travelers make and their involvement in helping us prepare and feed children each day. It’s one of the most satisfying experiences that you will ever have knowing that you have helped families survive another day. It’s the ultimate day in giving back to a community
    2. one more bite one horizion spare day in nairobi safari it's all about connecting and participating in the daily routine of community life

    Day 2

    Helping Mothers and Families

    We visit One Horizon’s Women’s Centre where we”ll spend an inspiring day with a group of amazing Kenyan women who have literally come from living on the street to running their own small businesses and being able to keep their families together.
    6. empowering mothers one horizion spare day in nairobi safari their stories are sometimes confronting but their positive attitudes and laughter are always infectious and uplifting.

    Day 3

    Grandmas and Piggies Working Together

    You’ll discover how it’s possible to turn a grandma’s long life of poverty into one of sustainability of income and sheer joy simply with a pig. For the first time in her life, she’ll have a bank account with funds and can care for her grandchildren. This program is a great initiative in sustainable practices which simply changes lives.
    40. guests contribute to the purcahase of pigs

    Day 4

    Engaging with The Masai Community

    We venture into Masai country where we’ll meet women who grew up in a traditional Masai community with all the challenges that brings, but who have shown it’s possible to build new happy and healthy lives. This is a unique opportunity to understand their journeys and live one day the Masai way

    36. new frienships and understanding