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  • 24 Sep
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  • 23 Sep 2020
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    This is a KTB Signature Experience tour recognized by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) in 2020 as offering a unique, exceptional and authentic travel experience

    A rare chance to live 1 day the Masai way ...

    Masai Magic takes you to a special place that few travellers ever have a chance to visit - a traditional Masai village where you’ll connect with Masai warriors, women and families as you immerse yourself in their daily lives and ancient culture.

    It starts when Masai herdsman invite you to join their daily cattle drive down a spectacular valley. It’s an easy stroll and a great introduction to Masai culture as the herdsman explain how they conserve their land as their ancestors have for centuries.

    It’s also a great bonding experience and something few people will ever do, setting the tone for day ahead.

    You’ll spend extraordinary time with Masai warriors, who'll give you candid insights into their culture, customs and family structures - they’ll also lead you in a Masai dance class and show you how to throw a spear and climb an acacia tree in lightning speed - if you’re up for that!

    Connecting with the women of the clan brings equally memorable experiences as you help them build a new family home - a manyatta made from sticks and mud - cook a traditional Masai lunch, make your own piece of Masai jewellery and share their incredible stories as you immerse yourself in their lives.

    This day is all about connecting and participating - joining together with Masai people to share amazing experiences together and impact each other’s lives in positive and meaningful ways.