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Nepal through small offers a variety of landscapes not seen the world over. Ranging from a mere 60m to 8848m, Nepal is literally home to the top of the world and some of the most scenic vistas of the incomparable Himalayan Mountain range. With the seamless blend of Hinduism and Buddhism, a trip to Nepal is a trip back in time, an experience into ancient and rich traditions and culture. Patan, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and Kathmandu Durbar Square provide a glimpse into the medieval period. Temples and monasteries, aesthetically and architecturally captivating, symbolize the importance of art and religion in this historically rich nation. Nepal is also home to some of the most exotic and endangered flora and fauna, hundreds of species of both call Chitwan Forest home, making for a truly eclectic experience.

Day 1

Begin your journey in Kathmandu, Nepal

As you arrive in the cultural and a historical city Kathmandu you will be checking in to Hotel Dwarikas, a hotel rich in its artistic woodcraft. The hotel is ten minutes’ drive from the Tribhuvan International Airport. Getting excited about the exploration of the city? We will help you make the most of your trip. But before moving out let’s take a rest to combat stress of your long flight. You will be spending a night in Dwarikas Junior Suite where there is a lunch (or a dinner) is included.
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Day 2

Interact with a Khempo (Buddhist Teacher)

Sights of colorful prayer flags moving with the cool air, the smell of incense sticks, people gathering to ignite butter lamps, local people selling items in every nooks and crannies around Boudhanath will astound the visitors with its beautiful white stupa. The visitors will get to experience a combination of both modern and traditional life in the vicinity. They will enjoy rotating hundreds of prayer wheels as they utter “Om Pani Padme Hum” — the most ubiquitous mantra performed by monks. They will enjoy watching the stupa’s massive mandala — one of the largest spherical stupas in the country during the afternoon. After having lunch at Hyatt Regency the visitors will be exploring Pashupatinath Temple. Stone paved clean walking trail, devotees thronging to get a glimpse of the Hindu god, people selling flowers on the roadside will give the visitors a vibrant feel of the biggest Hindu temple and the love for Hindu religion amongst the Nepalis. Though the entrance for the non-Hindus is not allowed in the main temple you will be allowed to explore the surroundings where you will be exploring a full plethora of human life. The visitors will get to experience a full spectrum of emotions as there are numbers of ghats — areas where last rites of people are performed on the banks of the Bagmati River. The River is not only popular as the ghat but is also a major attraction for the visitors because of its evening Aarati. A set of musicians singing with their musical instruments, sounds of bells ringing and eye-pleasing scenes of burning of butter lamps will give you immense satisfaction and happiness. Hundreds of babajis sitting and chatting is a regular scene one can explore in the areas around. Rich in art and culture the wooden carvings on the temples will help the visitors get information about the ancient art in Nepal. The trip will have another advantage in it as the visitors will get an opportunity to interact with a Khenpo (Buddhist Teacher) where the teacher will explain Basic Buddhism and its Philosophy. The discussion will be fruitful as you will get to know the history, and philosophy of Buddhism.
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Day 3

Experience the historical artifacts of ancient Nepal

A thirty minute’s drive from the Hotel Dwarikas to Patan Durbar Square will take you to experience the historical artifacts of ancient Nepal. The visitors will get to see and learn about the Malla period — a historical time where the Malla kings ruled in Nepal. The visitors will be taking a tour of the city rich in its art and crafts. It will also be an opportunity to explore in the lives of the local Newars — indigenous people living in the locality. Many of the elderly Newars are seen to be sitting on the spaces near the palaces and museum. Don’t get tensed about the language barrier. The local Newars will definitely teach you speaking Newari language. Beautiful, eye-catching, symbolic images of varieties of postures of the Hindu gods and goddesses will be a thing to enjoy during your visit to Patan Durbar Square and areas around. A tour to Krishna temple — stone built temple rich in its artistic design with 21 pinnacles, Mahaboudha, Mul Chowk, Sundari Chowk, Mani Chowk, Narayan Chowk, Golden temple and stupas around will give you information of Malla period’s art and culture in the area. Passing through the alleys and traditional houses you will enjoy watching the sight from every corner. Kumbheshwor temple — one of the valley’s three five-storey temples built in pagoda style, a pond around where the water is supposed to have come from Gosaikunda will give you information about how the people in Kathmandu have links with the mountains. A small well like structure carries its ancient historical link with the mountains. You will be getting a real feel of visiting Nepal as there are numbers of Newari women performing their daily activities. You will get to see the local Newars balancing their kharpan — a traditional bamboo made weight carrying object as they walk the alleys to sell the green leafy vegetables. You could also get a sight of young boys somersaulting in the pond to beat the heat in Kathmandu. Want o know more about Patan? Let’s interact with locals on the cultural aspects of the ancient city. English speaking guides will be accompanying you on the trip. The group after lunch at Café De Patan will go for a one and half hour drive to Nepal Yoga Academy. You will get to taste the vegetarian meals prepared by the local chef here. Are you keen on cooking? If so, then it could be an opportunity to take home some Nepali cooking styles. Let’s try. The visitors will also be taking the Yoga and Meditation sessions in the evening. There will be a night stay at Bamboo House at Nepal Yoga Academy
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Day 4

Yoga and Meditation Lessons

Are you keen on practicing yoga or do you feel like giving it a try for the first time? Well, there will be an exclusive Yoga and Meditation lessons from our highly experienced Yoga Teacher. Visitors will enjoy Organic vegetarian meals prepared by our local chef combined with herbal tea-at Bamboo House at Nepal Yoga Academy after the yoga sessions.
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Day 5

City of Devotees. Bhaktapur ancient city

On the fifth day of the trip, the visitors will get the experience of visiting an ancient city in Bhaktapur. A guided tour to Bhaktapur Durbar Square includes a visit to Peacock window – Nyatapola Temple (another five – storey temple built in pagoda style), Golden Temple. Walking through the cultural gate, passing by the ponds, watching the locals weaving, selling their items on the roadside, elderly talking with one another sitting on the spaces of the temples will make you feel that you have come to a cultural city with heterogeneous mixture of modernity and traditional art, culture and social atmosphere. You could see Newari women wearing Haku-Patasi, a traditional black saree with a red border. Stone pebbled open spaces, temples built during the Malla period, along with some other ancient artifacts are the things you could enjoy during the trip. You could also get to see a number of men working in stones and woods to give shape on them. Lakhe dance — a traditional dance form where the performer wears a Bhoto and a colorful skirt, with a face mask astounds the audiences with his energetic dancing steps. The mob following the Lakhe with a troupe, children trying to mock the Lakhe will make the trip lively and appealing. The tourists will get an opportunity to taste Newari cuisines at Nyatapola Café. A thirty minute’s drive to Dwarikas Dhulikhel from Bhaktapur will help you explore the natural and scenic beauty of Dhulikhel. Captivating scenes of mountain ranges from Dwarikas Dhulikhel Junior Suite will be another retreat for the visitors.
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Day 6

Enjoy nature and feel the difference

The visitors will be able to enjoy nature, feel the difference in temperature and lifestyle of people within a few kilometers of distance from the hustles and bustles of Kathmandu. It will be an opportunity to get closer to nature. A life away from the maddening crowd will make the trip more peaceful. Lunch, dinner and night stay is arranged at Dwarikas Dhulikhel Junior Suite
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Day 7

Recap your journey around the Kathmandu, Nepal

We will check out of the hotel at 11 a.m. We will be transferred to the airport. Departure to the next destination.
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