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Monarch Butterfly Tour

  • 18 Jan
  • -
  • 24 Jan
  • |
  • 7 days


per person

Availability: 10 places

  • Birds

  • Hiking

1.- Arrival en Mexico City
2.- Anthropology Museum of Mexico
3.- Piedra Herrada Sanctuary, Mexico
4.- Capulin Sanctuary, Mexico
5.- Valle de Bravo, Mexico
6.- Mexico City
7.- Transfer to airport




Day 1

Day 1: Arrival in Mexico City

You will be welcomed by your professional naturalist tour guide. Transfer to ´Catedral hotel'. Once in the hotel, you´ll get a briefing. Your guide likes to tell you more about the activities and security. Besides your guide will tell some fun facts about the Monarch Butterfly tour in Mexico.

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Day 2

Day 2: Anthropology Museum of Mexico

First visit the Anthropology Museum, one of the world’s finest archaeological museums with a huge collection of artifacts in 23 exhibition halls. Its most famous exhibit is the Aztec sunstone, a cosmological calendar. Afterward, we will departure to Valle de Bravo. This magical town surrounded by mountains is considered as the most important tourist destination thanks to its excellent hotels, restaurants, equestrian club, beautiful golf courses, and manmade lake. Check-in at the “Mesón de las Leyendas” hotel.

Museum anthropology mexico courtyard

Day 3

Day 3: Piedra Herrada Sanctuary, Mexico

Visit the Piedra Herrada Sanctuary, the newest spot to watch the monarch butterflies. Horses will take you there most of the way, to the spot where the monarch butterflies are located. This area is “wilder” than the other sanctuaries and often provides a more remote nature experience. Be part of the ecotourism in Mexico. Overnight in “Mesón de las Leyendas” hotel.

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Day 4

Day 4: Capulin Sanctuary, Mexico

Today we visit the Capulin Sanctuary. In this sanctuary, you can watch the largest and most beautiful prairie of the Monarch Butterfly region called Los Tres Gobernadores (The Three Governors). Because of its access position and the hibernation colonies location, is it possible to watch an amazing transition of the vegetation. Which is an attractive sight for those who enjoy nature. Afterward we go back to the “Mesón de las Leyendas” hotel.

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Day 5

Day 5: Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Free day to enjoy the area of Valle de Bravo. Life´s here (literally) built around the lake. Waters of Valle de Bravo are calm and ideal for sports like sailing, water-skiing or kayaking. Enjoy your free afternoon, and pick an activity which you like. Tonight we stay at ¨hotel Mesón de las Leyendas¨, for one more night.

Estado de mexico destinos principales valle de bravo 01

Day 6

Day 6: Mexico City

Take your time and relax in the morning. Later, we go back to Mexico City and check in at the Catedral hotel.


Day 7

Day 7: Transfer to airport

The last day of the Monarch Butterfly tour in Mexico. Transfer to the airport for your flight back.

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