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Hidden Gems of Croatia

  • 19 Oct
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  • 27 Oct
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  • 9 days


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Self-guided and Self-driving tour.

Day 1 Dubrovnik –Stari Grad (Hvar)
Day 2  Stari Grad – Velo Grablje hike
Day 3  Stari Grad - Zadar
Day 4  Dugi otok – NP Telašćica trail
Day 5  Rest day/ Zadar city tour
Day 6  Zadar–Plitvice-Ogulin
Day 7  Vihoraški trail, Via Dinarica
Day 8  Ogulin – Split - Tučepi
Day 9  Return drive to Dubrovnik

Day 1

Day 1 Dubrovnik –Stari Grad (Hvar)

Dubrovnik, by the locals called also “Grad” meaning “the City” is famous for its walls that surround the city. After a must-have walk around the walls, you can feel the city inside, walk the stone streets, drink from fountain, squeeze through tiny narrow streets or have a lunch in one of them. Find “Buža” (Eng. Small hole) bar and beach or go above the city with cable car. Rent-a-car pickup and self-driving from Dubrovnik, over ferry (Drvenik – Sućuraj) to Stari Grad on island Hvar (4h, 191km). Passing BIH border in Neum might cause some delays. Relax and walk in Stari Grad by the sea, depending on arrival time.

    Driving: 191km /118 miles (4h)
    Accommodation: Private apartment
    All meals are self-catering.


Day 2

Day 2 Stari Grad – Velo Grablje hike

Hike the beautiful trail from Stari Grad to mystic old village build from stone houses called Velo Grablje. Depending on the season, you will pass the lavender fields and enjoy the purple flowers. Enjoy the village and have lunch in local tavern.
Lunch or dinner in Stari Grad local restaurant or in secret bay visited by boat or hike outside of village.

    Activity: Hiking 13km/ 8mi (5h), Climb 479m
    Accommodation: Private apartment

Velo grablje hvar

Day 3

Day 3 Stari Grad - Zadar

Relax day, take a walk near the sea, and enjoy lunch in Veli Dolac bay or in local restaurant.riven city. Then take the afternoon ferry to Split and proceed to Zadar.

    Driving: 204km/126 miles (2h ferry+1:40 car)
    Accommodation: Hotel in Zadar
    Activity: None

Stari grad hvar

Day 4

Day 4 Dugi otok – NP Telašćica trail

Today start early to catch a speedboat (8:00) to Sali, Dugi otok (Long island). Boat ride goes from Zadar centre, directly to Dugi otok, between two islands Pašman and Ugljan and under the famous bridge “Ždrelac” connecting them. Small city where boat stops – Sali has its special peaceful magic. Here you will meet the transfer to Telašćica Nature park. Nature Park Telašćica has special sea-cliffs (called locally “Stene”) and salt lake “Mir” (Peace), plus extra nice view on National Park Kornati.
Keep in mind that your last boat to the mainland leaves at 7:55 PM! (B)

    Driving 15km/9 miles plus sea and short transfer (2h total)
    Accommodation: Hotel in Zadar
    Activity: Walking 2-3h, 8km, altitude climb 305m


Day 5

Day 5 Rest day/ Zadar city tour

Today is a rest day. Recommended is a walking tour near the sea to the city centre, which takes around 1h, and gives a great way to get to know the city.
Do not miss visiting “The greeting to the Sun”, “Sea organ” and the sunset from that place! Option is to take a guided city tour. (B)

    Accommodation: Hotel in Zadar
    Activity: Zadar City tour


Day 6

Day 6 Zadar–Plitvice-Ogulin

After breakfast, drive to National Park Plitvice, UNESCO protected nature site. After entering, a trail will lead you to the big waterfall, and back, and then further to the other part of the lakes where you board the boat when you are tired you catch small train to drive you back. Another 1:40 min drive will take you to magical small city Ogulin. Here enjoy the dinner in hotels restaurant, and arrange picnic packing for tomorrow all-day trekking! (B)

    Driving: 149+85 km/92+52 miles (2:00h+1:40h)
    Accommodation: Hotel in Ogulin
    Activity: Hiking Plitvice 4-5h


Day 7

Day 7 Vihoraški trail, Via Dinarica

--- guided tour day ---
After early breakfast, at 8:00 start of 50 min drive to the start of the trail. Your guide will meet you in hotel. We carry food and water (2l min) for all day. We will combine 2 cars for less walking on our way back.
Trail starts easy with 1:30 h hike to Bijele stijene (White rocks), from where first great view is shown. Then we follow wild, green and magic Vihoraški trail that takes us next 4-6h depending on our capabilities. Picnic lunch during the trekking, and snacks when we have low energy feeling. Vihoraški trail is the wildest and the most beautiful trail in Croatia. Trail goes between the rocks, through narrow passages in the rocks, and includes a lot of scrambling – climbing short distances on the rocky area.
When not on rocks, trail goes through magic green meadows and valleys with astonishing views on surrounding shining white rocks and blue sky. This is true wilderness, with a high chance to see a snake or some other wild animal. Final destination of this magic wild trek is romantic shelter located in the rock, very special and unique.
Full of experiences but tired you return to hotel for a dinner and sleep. (B)

    Driving: 68km/42 miles (2:00h)
    Accommodation: Hotel in Ogulin
    Activity: Trekking & Scrambling: 6-8h

Rocks via dinarica

Day 8

Day 8 Ogulin – Split - Tučepi

Early start and drive to Split (3h). Enjoy your day in Split. Do not miss a walk in Diocletian palace and coffee on Split seafront.
After a great day, head to Tučepi to find your accommodation, this will take you another 1:30h.(B)

    Driving: 318km + 70km/197mi + 43mi (3h+1:30h)
    Accommodation: Apartment in Tučepi
    Activity: Split city tour 2-3h


Day 9

Day 9 Return drive to Dubrovnik

After breakfast, when ready - start your drive back to Dubrovnik. Follow the D8 by the sea - do not take highway, and stop for a break when needed.

    Driving 147km/91 miles (2:20h)
    Activity: none.

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