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Trekking to the Tsaachin community in mystical Taiga

  • 09 Jun
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  • 24 Jun
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  • 16 days


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Day 1

Welcoming day

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar the capital city of Mongolia. Transfer to your hotel. Evening enjoy traditional art performance and Welcome dinner. Stay overnight in the hotel. D

Day 2

Flight to Murun, the center of Khuvsgul province

Transfer to airport and take a domestic flight /1.5hour/ to Khuvsgul province. On arrival at local airport of Murun city, the center of the Khuvsgul we will greet & meet with our driver. Then travel to Sumber brigad for 90kms (2hours). On the way we will enjoy Yamaat canyon. Stay overnight in tent. BLD

Day 3

Travel to Tsagaannuur soum

Continue our travel to Tsagaannuur soum (a local administration unit) for 200kms (7-8hours). We will prepare for trekking and will have some instruction for trek in the mountain. Stay overnight in Tsagaannuur lodge. BLD (app.altitude 2716m above sea level)

Day 4

Day 4-5 Trekking to West Taiga

Transfer to Kharmain Gol starting point of the trek. Start trekking to West Taiga, the area where part of Tsaachin communities live. 2 days trekkiing will cover about 42 kms. Due to the marshy road condition we will not use vehicles to reach the area, entire our luggage and food supply will be transported by horses. Stay overnights in tent on the way & in teepee at Tsaachin place. BLD (app.altitude 2900m above sea level)

Day 5

Day 6-7 Exploring Tsaachin community

Today we will stay among Tsaachin people and will experience everyday life and unique tradition of them. Our activities include attending shaman ritual, milking reindeers, processing milk products, talking with people and learning local culture… Stay overnight in teepee (Tsaachin people’s dwelling). BLD (app.altitude 2900m above sea level)

Day 6

Day 8 Trek & meditate in mystical Taiga

Today you will have a day of trek into the Taiga forest where the area is so energetic and mysterious. Be inspired and gain power while meditating in untouched wilderness. Trek along Bor Khuyag river valley, is rich in crystals and other minerals, as well as feel the beauties of larch forest & wildflower patches. Stay overnight in teepee. BLD (Tsaachin people’s dwelling).

Day 7

Day 9-10 Trek back to Tsagaannuur soum

Trek back to Tsagaannuur soum. These days trek will go through another route along picturesque forested mountain and valley. On the way we will cross Ebed mountain pass. Our vehicle and driver will be waiting for us in the Kharmain Gol. Then move to Tsagaannuur soum & guest house. Stay overnights in tent & in Tsagaannuur lodge. BLD (app.altitude 2800m above sea level)

Day 8

Day 11 Travel to Ujig Valley

Today we will drive to Ujigiin river valley for 5-6 hours for 160kms. Stay overnight in tent near the beautiful mountain. BLD

Day 9

Day 12 Khuvsgul Lake

Continue our drive for 4-5 hours until reaching Ger camp at the shore of Blue pearl Lake Khuvsgul. Enjoy walking around the lake or having rest. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

Day 10

Day 13 Hiking

Enjoy walking along the lake shore. Evening we are up to a highlight of the day, which is Mongolian barbeque! This is going to be made in real traditional way as the meat dish is grilled with hot stones and has a unique taste. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

Day 11

Day 14 Travel to Murun & flight back to Ulaanbaatar

Morning we will drive back to Murun town. Transfer to domestic airport and take a flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to your hotel. Rest time. Stay overnight in the hotel. BL

Day 12

Day 15 Shopping & Farewell dinner

Today you will city sightseeing in Gandan monastery and National history museum. Shopping for souvenirs and cashmere. Farewell dinner. Stay overnight in the hotel. BD

Day 13

Day 16 Departure

Departure. B